Wealth Planning

Wealth Management

Our 30 + years of experience in designing retirement and estate planning solutions for your wealth is built around a systemized planning approach that focuses on the goals and dreams you are wanting to accomplish for you and your family. Helping you make wise decisions with your wealth is based on an understanding of where you are currently, where you are trying to go (your goals and objectives), and then mapping out the best course of action to help guide you toward the accomplishment of those areas that ultimately will give your life meaning and purpose.

In doing so, we take into consideration all of the financial resources you’ve accumulated so far, including personal investments, pensions, Social Security, company retirement plans (401ks, 403bs, etc.), IRAs/Roth IRAs, real estate, and other financial assets, plus we look at your debt and level of spending, insurance, and other risk management programs, and yes, even your giving and desires to leave a legacy or to help other people and organizations along the way or after you are gone.