Our Philosophy

Hal Otey Financial Philosophy

We believe that true “Wealth” is so much more than just money; that money is simply a “tool” that we use to do the things that are important to us in life, and that money is but one currency that has “value” in our lives. What I believe gives our lives “Meaning & Purpose”, what brings us happiness and a true sense of fulfillment in life comes from finding a balance in these key areas:

  • Our spiritual wellbeing and our Faith
  • Family & Friends
  • Our Health
  • Our Career and Personal Development
  • Giving back to others (or Philanthropy)
  • Financial Security

To enjoy these key areas, we need the most valuable commodity of all – Time. As your financial guide, we strive to help you confirm your core values, clarify your vision, and map out a plan for your financial future so you can focus your time and energy on those areas that give your life true meaning and purpose.

From an investment and portfolio standpoint, we strive to build and maintain portfolios that yield the greatest level of expected return for the given level of risk through careful research and analysis of the available options in the market place. We believe in a “Core / Satellite” approach, where the core is built around a systematic, diversified blend of several U.S. & global market indices to give broad market exposure to both equities (stocks) and fixed income (bonds). We then layer in several different, more actively managed, “Satellite” strategies to help provide the potential for more growth (or income, if needed), as well as some “non-correlating” assets to help minimize overall risk and “smooth out” the volatility in your portfolio. We believe the combination of these 2 components – “Core” & “Satellite” adds a nice blend of broad market exposure with some added “seasoning” to complement one another in a diversified portfolio for our clients.

Our Apporach